​​Charleston Tiny Houses

"Building Tiny Houses so that you can live big!" 

Why should I build a tiny house?

1. 67% of tiny home owners are Mortgage free!

2. A tiny home is not a RV camper, a tiny home is a custom built home with all of the luxuries of a site built house but without the debt and up keep.

3. Less Carbon footprint, with monthly electric bills being less than the cost of a dinner for 4 people.

4. Need to move, no problem! Take your house with you.

5. Our Tiny homes have full bathrooms and kitchen appliances.

6. We have built 18 site built tiny houses and 6 on wheels and 2 are underway at our shop now.

7. Where to put it? Campground long term, rent a piece of land, trailer park lot rental or buy land.